Friday, February 18, 2011

Arthritis in African-Americans

Arthritis is more common in African-Americans than it is in Caucasians. 66 million Americans suffer from arthritis and a large percentage of those sufferers are African-American, or non-Hispanic blacks stated Dr. William Holley, a board-certified, African-American Western New York Podiatrist.
Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint and it can also be inflammation of the tissue or fluid around a joint. Gout, another form of arthritis, is caused by uric acid where the body breaks down waste and this uric acid goes to joints and causes pain.
African-Americans suffer from arthritis more severely and more frequently because they tend to have more high blood pressure and diabetes and these conditions correlate with arthritis. African Americans are also less likely to get treatment and stay on treatment. This is most likely due to lack of opportunity, awareness or inability to pay for treatment.
It is important to provide enough information to the African-American community to realize the importance of getting early treatment. Podiatrists treat bone and joint disorders such as arthritis which affect the foot.
Dr. William Holley, a trusted and dedicated board-certified podiatrist of 20 years service to the Western New York community, is currently is accepting new patients in his primary office at 2162 Main St., located in the Main Wellness Center. Dr. Holley’s services include treatment of: bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, heel pain, warts, hammertoes, sports related injuries and diabetic foot problems. X-ray and physical therapy are available on-site. Vascular testing and nerve conduction studies also offered through the office. The office is conveniently located across from Sisters of Charity hospital and accessible to all major forms of transportation. Dr Holley is also proud to announce Laser Therapy soon to be offered at the Main Wellness Center.


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  2. Good article! You have precisely what is needed in a blog: value and information. Question: "Is there a correlation between arthritis and pork consumption?" I understand some of the parasites from pork cannot be killed by cooking and they have a tendency to work their way into the joints of the host. Hence the reason most pigs have arthritis. Is there any fact to this or is it fiction?

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